China Energy Cooperation Program (ECP)
EPIC is a member of the U.S. – China Energy Cooperation Program (ECP), Clean Coal Working Group (CCWG), which was established in November 2009 during President Obama’s visit to China to promote the use of U.S. Technology to help China meet its energy goals and is supported by China’s NDRC and NEA. Other members of the CCWG include Peabody, LP Amina, AECOM, AES, Celanese and GE.

Peabody Energy Corporation
In 2005, Peabody Venture Fund, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Peabody Energy Corporation (“Peabody”) purchased shares of EPIC’s Common Stock. Peabody Energy Corporation is the world’s largest private-sector coal company, with 2009 sales of 244 million tons and $6.0 billion in revenues. Peabody is a global leader in clean coal solutions, advancing energy security, economic stimulus and environmental solutions through greater use of coal.

Burns & McDonnell
Burns & McDonnell provides design and engineering services – to Western standards – for the EPIC Clean Gasification Systems. Services include integration of site general arrangement requirements for coal handling, gasifiers, gas clean-up, sulfur and mercury removal and ash disposal.

EPIC is actively working with GE for application of EPIC’s gasification systems for IGCC systems based on medium-sized GE industrial gas turbines. EPIC is also working with GE Packaged Power to configure gasification systems for use with aero-derivative gas turbines, a new market segment for GE and EPIC.

MPR Associates
MPR Associates provides consulting services to EPIC for the design, cost, and project execution, of projects utilizing EPIC technology.  MPR also provides technical support for project agreement development, including EPC, fuel supply, and off-take agreements.

R.W. Beck
R. W. Beck, an SAIC company, is a group of technically based business consultants serving public and private infrastructure organizations and financiers worldwide. R.W. Beck has provided technology assessment services to EPIC.  By delivering industry insight, the company develops sustainable business and technical solutions that advance the business of infrastructure.

Maison Worley Parsons
As part of a global EPC enterprise, Maison Worley Parsons (MWP) in Beijing provides services to process and industrial customers in China. MWP has over 1,500 professionals providing construction management services to utilities, developers, and industries. EPIC and MWP are developing a sustainable EPC management structure to support a pipeline of IGCC projects in China.