TZM Gasifier Plant

The EPIC™ Clean Gasification System is an air-blown gasification system that incorporates a series of proprietary improvements to proven, low-pressure technology originally developed and installed in Europe and Asia. The most extensive use of this existing technology has been in China where many installations remain in operation today. We have entered into agreements with strategic partners in China under which we have licensed the use of low-pressure, air-blown gasification systems and have made design changes to increase the efficiency and capacity of these systems. Our improvements to these systems are protected either by patents or patent applications in the US, China and other countries. We also have patents or patent applications relating to integration of our gasification system in applications such as IGCC and process uses and in combination with sulfur removal systems.

The EPIC™ Clean Gasification System has some important distinguishing characteristics that are not available elsewhere in the gasification market:

  • Simple, low cost design
  • Short design and construction schedule
  • Efficient use of low-ranked coals – most bituminous, sub-bituminous and lignite coals
  • Ability to use biomass as supplemental gasification feedstock
  • Ability to vary operating pressure to match project needs
  • Modular designs to accommodate most project configurations and allow easy expansion
  • Efficient sulfur removal to allows use of high sulfur fuels
  • Efficient water recovery systems allow the use of high moisture (wet) coals
  • Relatively easy and economical carbon capture systems to reduce CO2 to equal or below that of natural gas applications